les petits noirs

Illustrations by Veronica Chen

Mr. Owl has an impeccable sense of fashion despite his scholarly reputation

i wish they made customizable goofy glasses…but these will do for now.

organic traveling #2: fugu hot air ballooning

this is the first piece of a series that i started about ways of traveling…riding on daddy’s shoulders!

Astoria Market

A week ago I was invited by Diane, one of the founders of Astoria Market to sell my stuff this past Saturday, so I jumped at the chance and whipped up 15 notebooks in one week!

Setting up…I shared the table with Linda even though she was unable to attend in person, and here is a view of her side of the table

It was a lot of fun, and being next to the Bohemian Beer Garden there was a nice happy (drunk) crowd constantly flowing in haha. Will definitely come back in the future!